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Integrity creates the brand quality of Chengxiang, leading the future!

Jiangdu District Shengheng Bristle Products Factory is a comprehensive alliance export small enterprise. We are one of the national bristles, household cleaning daily necessities, broom brushes, and production and processing enterprises. Our factory was established on June 9, 2010, and was jointly restructured into a bristle brush alliance company by the original Toujiangdu Songxing bristle product factory, Chengdu bristle branch, Yichang bristle branch, Changde bristle branch, Lishui broom branch, and Zhenjiang bristle brush business department. The main varieties include 32MM to 152MM Chongqing style, Hankou style, Qingdao style, Shanghai style, black, white, flower boiled bristles, and bleached bristles, High grade dyed bristles, yellow cut bristles, as well as various high-end brooms, bed brushes, household cleaning daily necessities brushes and other series of products.

The brand products of Chengxiang are exported to over 36 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, and are highly favored by customers in domestic and foreign markets.




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